The author of this article with his token Black freind. Having a

Black freind makes him feel whole and makes him feel like he

has bragging rights.  He now feels very authentic for Immersing

himself In a culture and a race In which he will never belong.


Michael Tunison, The Root, July 22, 2008

As a white person with a number of lifelong friends who are black, I can say

 I don’t feel that awkwardness in my personal relationships with them, but

 I know that these relationships retain an oddly-charged, often convoluted

quality among some whites.


Granted, it’s not rare for white people of my generation to have friends who are

minorities. In fact, those who don’t associate with people outside their race have

 long been the exception in most areas of the country ( And did you do a study

on this backed with statistics ? Or just pulling It out of your Arse as all

of you diversity advocates tend to do). But that doesn’t mean that

 mixed-race friendships are any less sensitive of an issue today. Now, instead of

 having mixed-race relationships that cause controversy, it’s the absence of such

relationships that draws the raised eyebrows.( So you have to go and get a

minority significant other now ! So to only date your own race Is racist

 now ? So much for freedom of choice and association. This Is more

Bullshit and mind control from the multicult. They try to make you feel

 like you’re defective If you do not adhere to their dogmas and

agendas.)  White people now feel pressure to overtly demonstrate their lack

of racism to each other and to minorities by making

 a big deal of their minority friends or by embracing cultural symbols and behaviors

 associated with other races. (  This Is because of the Diversity cults mind

reprogramming. And  the constant defamation of Whites as evil

racists. So the weak minded will find any minoritie to grovel to. By

doing this they hope to prove they are enlightened. I think It Is asinine

and fake.  For guilty Whites to go and pander to someone due to the

color of their skin. And the real demented twist Is that If you are

White and treated your own race this way = Shrieks

of racism. But If you are White and practice reverse racism to

your own= Enlightened. Diversity practicioners are weirdos

that way.)

Today, being called a racist ( Not me, I could careless. Why ? Because

being White makes you automatically racist to the multicult. So why

should I give a Fuck ?) is the most contemptible label for a white person.

This is certainly preferable to a time when racism was tolerated or even

encouraged( Duh ! It still is encouraged and tolerated by the Jew media

and their legions of mindless multicult freaks. See television and

media ,  how Whites and Arabs are portrayed ? It’s okay to be racist to

these two groups, yet a big no no to portray Blacks In particular or any

other “protected” group In a negative light.). But one of the sad

upshots is that it has also fostered a sense of paranoia that stems from the

inability or unwillingness to distinguish between actual hate-fueled racism

and ignorance (Due to the whole diversity freak political correctness

movement !)

Association with minorities has become a mark of authenticity for many whites( And

 how exactly are we not an authentic people ? And how Is It authentic to

have a token minority freind , for the sake of status ? You weak minded

Whites make me sick. You are so self hating and fake.), an indicator to

themselves and others that they are not racist( It Is Fucking Ignorant ! “Hey

look at me I have a token Black freind, So now my status Is elevated !”

Using people to be “Hip” Is disgusting. And using a race of people Is even

 lower). The familiarity with minority cultures becomes worthy of bragging rights

 ( What an Ignorant Fuck ! ” I want to brag that I know more minorities than

my yuppie freinds !”). Among young people, knowledge of some obscure slang or

cultural wrinkle is held up as evidence that the person is accepted by that authentic

minority culture.( You are vain and fake. Copying another race makes you

look like the superficial self hating clown you truly are ! You are far

from authentic.)

More Diversity Idiocracy –


Like the new “religion” of the western world Diversity.

Show any defiance to the cult of Diversity, and face the inquisitor. Any

questioning of the dogmas of the new “religion” gets you branded a

heretic by the thought police. For a cult that preaches tolerance , they

are quite the contrary when questioned. But brand as they may, you are

not a heretic for opposing their make believe “religion”. You are not

a heretic for opposing a cult that seeks to silence free thought. And

you are not a heretic for acknowledging reality. So never repent !

Is this the tolerance that our

thought-police take pride in?


By Kevin Myers

Wednesday July 23 2008

ON THE one hand, I expected some uproar in Ireland over my piece about

 Ethiopia on July 10. But there really wasn’t any. On the other, I didn’t expect

an attempt to jail me by a state-sponsored body. Yet Denise Charlton, of the

 Immigrant Council of Ireland, has urged An Garda Siochana to investigate

me under a special law, by which I could be tried and imprisoned for two

 years without even the benefit of a jury.


Oh, Denise, Denise, you silly, silly little girl: have you nothing better to do

 with  your time and talents than to try to get someone jailed for saying

something you dislike? So there we are. The apparatchiks of the equality

industry merely have to contemplate the sector of their psyche wherein their

 self-righteous emotions reside: and if these are sufficiently overwrought, they

 decide that a hate-crime has been committed.


Actually, I hate no-one. Personal, political and racial hatreds are the most

corrosive and ruinous of all passions. Why, I don’t even hate Robert Mugabe,

or his chum, the former Ethiopian dictator, the lovely Mengistu, who is hiding

out in Zimbabwe, or the Emperor Bokassa, or Idi Amin, and any of those fine

fellows who have brought such lustre to the name of Africa.


And so, not hating, I certainly don’t want anyone to hate anyone else either.

 However, I know and feel and applaud measured hostility, the guardian of

our civilisation, and the father of our laws. Measured hostility is what puts

the gunman behind bars: it drives the mugger from the street and the burglar

from our homes.


It also protects freedom of speech from those who would steal it from us —

 most particularly in Ireland of today, the quango thought-police of doctrinaire

 liberalism, and single-issue vigilantes in the media.

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What the diversity cult really thinks of the White race =Obsolete, Uniform and Boring.

This Is the real message of the picture above.Can you Imagine any other race being

portrayed as such ? You will not see this from the Multicult. Only Whites are to be

defamed by them.

Gen Y and the Colorblind Lie

For millennials, race is more complicated than ever.

Now for the contradictions, when doesn’t their bogus religion of

Multicultism contradict ?

Let’s get one thing straight: Race is a socially created concept, and

since its inception it has been a socially fed nuisance

The writer denies race as a biological reality , then has

 this to say –

Millennials like myself are often steeped just as deep in the troubles of

race as generations before us.

We Gen Y’ers, born between 1978-1997, handle race with our own brand

of complexity.

What may be fueling this concept of the raceless Millennials is the extent

to which we’re intermixing. There are more interracial couples, more biracial

children and an expansion of the definitions of ethnicity, but all of that has

done little to help us understand each other better.

How can you have Intermixing and biracial children ? I thought you

stated race was just a social construct. Are you now admitting race

Is a very real biological factor ?

Knowing every line of a Lil’ Wayne song does not mean you know the black

experience. The black experience cannot be defined one-dimensionally,

especially not in the lyrics of a single track. Neither can the Latino experience,

or the Asian experience or the white experience. Yet, somehow my peers and

 I feel more comfortable skimming the surface rather than sitting down for an

honest discussion about race.

I thought you people always preach “we are all one race, the human

race”. Now you are suggesting there are very real barriers seperating

us racially and culturally. Guess race Is not a social construct as you

 say, but a very real and Important factor. Does your statement above

not confess to the religion of multicultism being a monumental

failure. We are more diverse and more divided than ever !

Yes, white kids listen to hip-hop and black boys rock Polo shirts, but race has not

yet reached the point of being a non-issue.

I thought you said race Isn’t real, and that It Is just a social

construct ??? Now you are making It an Issue .Can you diversity

freaks ever have a position that Isn’t contradictory ???

If you want to read the full mind numbing rant of another

deranged diversity cult member. Click below –

Another “Racist” conspiracy has been

uncovered by the Diversity police !


Toddlers who turn their noses up at spicy

food from overseas could be branded racists

by a Government-sponsored agency.


The National Children’s Bureau, which

receives £12 million a year, mainly

from Government funded organisations, has

 issued guidance to play leaders and nursery

 teachers advising them to be alert for racist

incidents among youngsters in their care.

This could include a child of as young as

three who says “yuk” in response to being

served unfamiliar foreign food.

The guidance by the NCB is designed

to draw attention to potentially-racist

 attitudes in youngsters from a young age.


Full article-

Can this diversity freakshow and multicultural

Idiocracy get any more ridiculous and Insane ?


One can only Imagine how badly a White toddler

that hates spicy fried chicken, would be crucified

by the Bolshevik diversity police brigades !