Now the “Fonz” has gotten Involved In the Zionist Holocau$t hu$tle !

Henry Winkler Told This Story On Public TV

Henry tells of how his parents fled the holocaust in 1939. His father took

the family fortune and converted it to diamonds. His poppa knew that the

Nazis often did ‘Cavity Searches’ on Jews, so his poppa decided to smuggled

the diamonds out in a box of chocolates. Jakob Winkler melted chocolate

into a candy mold, then inserted the diamonds.

My father was a dentist in 1939 Germany, and Nazis were wise to the chocolate

candy trick, so he decided to use my sister, little Gilda. My poppa drilled hollow

spots in my sisters teeth, and then inserted the family diamonds in the

cavities ( Bullshit ! And If this were true what kind of sicko would do this

to his own daughter ? Torture her and ruin her teeth for the purpose of

wealth. That Is Fucking demented and sick). As we were boarding a cattle

train to Bucharest, then a greyhound bus to England (How could you take

a bus from Romania to England ? Especially when you would have to cross

the English channel ? there was no tunnel connecting England to continental

Europe then. And besides greyhound buses were never In Europe ! And to

top It off Fonzie, this supposedly happened In 1939. You were not born

until October 30, 1945 ! Yet you state As we were boarding a cattle train

to Bucharest, then a greyhound bus to England” !!?? This was a whole six

years before you were born, yet somehow you were there ????) my sister’s

baby tooth fell out in front of a Nazi at the passport

counter.The German beast called over his frauline assistant with a pair of rusty

pliers ( I’m truly sure Germans all kept a pair on hand for pulling Jewish

teeth out.  I guess you never know when a situation like this will

occur). They held ‘Little Gilda’ down and ripped all her teeth out. A SS Colonel

walked in and shot my poppa, momma, and my seven cousins. Gilda was taken

to Mengele where her jaw was sewn shut, blue dye injected in her eyes, and then

she was gassed.

Yes Fonzie ! You are another Zionist fraud !

The biography of the “Fonz” curiously doesn’t bring up any of this

on  Ziopedia a.k.a Wikipedia-

Although after seeing this posting, somebody will

likely edit his biography on Wikipedia. So It will

look as though It was never missing.  Ziopedia

sucks ! The Encyclopaedia that anyone with an

agenda can edit.

Here Is another example of sloppy Allied concentration

camp propaganda !

Jews were said to be tortured In high altitude experiments at

Dachau. Then why would this “Inmate “be wearing an American

parachute ? This Is a staged propaganda photo !

This Is what Germany’s parachute harnesses looked

like In WWII .

Here Is what America’s parachute harnesses looked

like In WWII. This Is another example of sloppy propaganda

to vilify Germany by the Allies. Why would an Inmate at Dachau

be wearing an American parachute ? Unless It was a staged

propaganda photo by the Allies after the war. One has to

wonder what else they lied about regarding WWII.