As the Illuminati marches

on towards a new world

order. The majority

of Americans remain

Ignorant of this



Picture of the all seeing eye



How the Illuminati is

Destroying America!


by Texe Marrs
Posted Nov. 25, 2007

1. Immigration lawlessness and

 rising crime wave by illegal aliens.


2. Government bankruptcy and indebtedness

at an all-time high.


3. Social Security swindle—Social Security

 Fund battered as Feds blow money on

worthless spending scams.


4. Veteran mistreatment and genocide. Most

 V. A. hospitals are deathtraps; Vets receive

 inferior medical care. Millions of Vets are

dying from Agent Orange (Vietnam), Persian

 Gulf War sickness, and other service-related



5. Outsourcing of American jobs—to

foreigners in Pakistan, India, Red China,

Mexico, Indonesia, etc. America’s manufacturing

 base declining rapidly and being shifted overseas.


6. Foreign student takeover of America’s

colleges, universities, and public schools.


7. Corporate globalism—Greedy U.S.

corporations, as globalist entities, are

unpatriotic and hostile to American interests.


8. Harnessing of U.S. Military for global

mercenary duties. Americans forced to pay

for and fight Israel’s wars and die for causes

 unrelated to U.S. defense.


9. Hate Crime laws—state, federal, and U.N.

—forbid free speech, prohibit criticism of

Israel and prevent the Christian gospel

 being preached.


10. Sexual barbarism and dehumanization

accomplished by vulgar, crude, sexually

explicit, physically degrading movies,

television, cartoons, books, video games,

advertising and other media.


11. Private property regularly seized and its

uses restricted to promote the Communist

 agenda of environmentalist and globalist



12. Unfair and unlawful tax system used to

rob producers and transform U.S. citizens

into federalized serfs and wards of the state.


13. Manipulation of water supplies and

contrived water shortages used to drive

up water prices and control the citizenry.


14. White race discriminated against and

American culture savaged by promotion of

“cultural diversity.”


15. Two meaningless political parties whose

 real agenda are identical, and corrupt, rigged

elections which frustrate the will of the people.


16. Satanization of society through occult

 influences and symbols which permeate

media, music, entertainment, and sports.


17. Free Press replaced by propaganda

ministries and elitist media accomplices

who work nonstop to psychologically

hypnotize, mesmerize, and control the

minds of the population.


18. “War on Terror” used as pretext to

create an American police state and

 remove the peoples’ constitutional rights.


19. Death culture promoted. Conditioning of

 minds. Desensitizing of the masses to the

mass genocide to come, with abortion,

euthanasia, necrophilia, cannibalism, group

death, and cruelty.


20. Gulag concentration camps prepared

for resisters and dissidents.


21. Religious debasement. False religions

 promoted and encouraged. Traditional

Christianity portrayed as anti-Semitic, bigoted

 and politically incorrect.