They seek to blind your eyes and steal your dreams. They hope to steal

your wealth and crush your faith. They are the banker cabal headed by

the Rothschilds.  And we can see more and more signs of their

engineered global depression, which Is really just a transfer of

wealth from  you to them. The politicians are no help, they have

been bought. They no longer represent the will of the people. The

next depression Is coming and It Is engineered by the central

banker cabal. Here are some more signs –

Freddie/Fannie Unconstitutional Bailout Using What?

JPMorgan – ‘We’re Very Early In The Loss Curve’

Cramer – Stocks Are Doomed, Sell Now

US Consumers Squeezed By ‘Intense’ Inflation

Merrill Lynch To Reveal Another Big Loss

GM Canceling Retirees Health Insurance

Wholesale Inflation Worst In 27 Years

Elites Drink Champagne While German Kids Beg Food

UK Family Food Bills Up $2200 In 12 Months

US Banking Crisis Goes From Bad To Worse

UK Inflation Twice As High As Claimed

Fannie-Freddie Lifeline – Taxpayers On Hook

Many More Bank Failures Likely After IndyMac

$5 Trillion To Bail Out Fannie And Freddie

BoE $100B Scam To Pass Debt To UK Taxpayers

Millions Of Taxpayers To Pay For Fiscal Idiocy

UK Home Energy Costs ‘Could Rise 70%’

The Big Financial Bailouts – Protecting Their Own

Your governments will not help you !

They are bought and paid for by the NWO banking elite. They do their bidding

and not yours. So why pledge allegiance to them ? Your suffering Is their

pleasure, not your salvation. To them It Is not about money as much as It Is

about power over you. Besides do those who create money out of nothing,

really need more money ?