Gun Control Is as un-American as Communism

and Zionism !

Excerpts from Jewish Supremacism and Gun Control

By Patrick Grimm

One of the most harmful programs, the most devastatingly effective policies utilized to weaken the European-American majority has been the widespread promotion of gun control and gun confiscation legislation by Jewish supremacist tribalists in government, in media and in Hollywood propaganda mills where such fare is packaged and sold as “celluloid dreams” and “entertainment.” These programs and policies have been pursued even while European-American people have increasingly suffered violent physical attacks, including robbery, rape and murder at the hands of minorities [1] and have precious few ways to defend themselves from these seldom reported unprovoked acts of barbarism launched against them.

Yet, strangely enough, no one looks at a gun control lobby in America heavily laden with Jews as either ominous or disquieting in its implications, even as crimes against our people increase and become more audacious and violent by the day. Certainly few Americans have dared to ask why a majority of Jews are so stridently opposed to the Second Amendment and work so assiduously and disproportionately to strip this particular constitutional freedom from us, leaving us prone and unprotected in the face of brutalities that wax more blatant, hateful and frequent against those people possessing lighter hues.

Jewish supremacists understand one thing that many European-Americans seem to miss. A disarmed society is a weakened, compromised and victimized society. It breeds a culture and a populace more brittle and ripe for the breaking, and finally, for the picking. If these policies continue unabated, we may soon find ourselves not only disarmed, but dispossessed and displaced to boot.

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