Spreading “forbidden” knowledge with the people, helping

to expose the lies of those In power . I will post and share

links In an effort to awaken the sleeping masses. For too

long all that has been seen and heard by the masses has been

controlled. Be It by the “Politically Correct”, Zionist lobby,

the ethnic lobbies or other forms of censorship.

I will not allow comments though. I get sick of the PC

brigades. They can experience the censorship they

attempt to force on others for once.


And for those who think this blog has an attitude to It, no Shit ! I

am not exactly a happy camper seeing my nation go down the tube. I

am not happy  seeing the Marxist mindless hordes attempting to

force feed everyone their delusional fantasy theories. I am disgusted

by the way this government thinks we are serfs who they

can exploit at will. And I am sick of my race being pissed on

 non-stop In the Imbecile Jewish/Marxist media and acedamia. I

am sick of how this piece of Shit government continues to

destroy any hope of attaining the American dream. We have

poor people here and people a couple of paychecks removed

 from becoming poor. We have a job shortage for Americans, and yet

this government  keeps Impoting 2 million legal Immigrants a year

and God only knows how many Illegals. 


Throw out your TV like I did and stop reading their papers. You

will not miss much, weekly world news rags tell more truth

than the compromised Kosher and Marxist media.


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