Another Earth Shattering Example Of “Racism” !

July 29, 2008

Roger Croteau, San Antonio Express-News, July 15, 2008

Mary Alice Altorfer is hosting a visit from her two grandchildren, whose father

is African American. The children swam at the River Tree subdivision pool every

day for about a week before someone posted a flier on the pool gate bearing a

picture of a black man with a large afro haircut, his arms folded across his chest

and the words “POOL’S CLOSED” superimposed.

“I didn’t even get the implication at first—then it hit me like a club,” Altorfer

said. “I was furious. These are two little kids, and it just makes me angry. I

was shocked and angry and hurt.” ( It really dosn’t take much to offend

you diversity cult freaks. It Is from a NON-RACIST internet joke. You

types find racism EVERYWHERE ! Slow down ,think and breath for once !)

Altorfer said only one black couple lives in the subdivision of 172 homes, which

average about $200,000 in value, and they never use the pool. She added that the

only African Americans who have used the pool in recent weeks are her 6-year-old

granddaughter Isabel Martinez and 9-year-old grandson Nicholas Martinez. ( If

the area Is supposedly so racist, why did you move there ? Shut your face

and relax. The only”Klansmen” residing there are the ones who reside In

your Imagination.)


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