Opposing The Cult Of Diversity Is Not Heresy, And You Should Not Repent !

July 26, 2008

Like the new “religion” of the western world Diversity.

Show any defiance to the cult of Diversity, and face the inquisitor. Any

questioning of the dogmas of the new “religion” gets you branded a

heretic by the thought police. For a cult that preaches tolerance , they

are quite the contrary when questioned. But brand as they may, you are

not a heretic for opposing their make believe “religion”. You are not

a heretic for opposing a cult that seeks to silence free thought. And

you are not a heretic for acknowledging reality. So never repent !

Is this the tolerance that our

thought-police take pride in?


By Kevin Myers

Wednesday July 23 2008

ON THE one hand, I expected some uproar in Ireland over my piece about

 Ethiopia on July 10. But there really wasn’t any. On the other, I didn’t expect

an attempt to jail me by a state-sponsored body. Yet Denise Charlton, of the

 Immigrant Council of Ireland, has urged An Garda Siochana to investigate

me under a special law, by which I could be tried and imprisoned for two

 years without even the benefit of a jury.


Oh, Denise, Denise, you silly, silly little girl: have you nothing better to do

 with  your time and talents than to try to get someone jailed for saying

something you dislike? So there we are. The apparatchiks of the equality

industry merely have to contemplate the sector of their psyche wherein their

 self-righteous emotions reside: and if these are sufficiently overwrought, they

 decide that a hate-crime has been committed.


Actually, I hate no-one. Personal, political and racial hatreds are the most

corrosive and ruinous of all passions. Why, I don’t even hate Robert Mugabe,

or his chum, the former Ethiopian dictator, the lovely Mengistu, who is hiding

out in Zimbabwe, or the Emperor Bokassa, or Idi Amin, and any of those fine

fellows who have brought such lustre to the name of Africa.


And so, not hating, I certainly don’t want anyone to hate anyone else either.

 However, I know and feel and applaud measured hostility, the guardian of

our civilisation, and the father of our laws. Measured hostility is what puts

the gunman behind bars: it drives the mugger from the street and the burglar

from our homes.


It also protects freedom of speech from those who would steal it from us —

 most particularly in Ireland of today, the quango thought-police of doctrinaire

 liberalism, and single-issue vigilantes in the media.

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