Zionist Media Race Crime Coverup

July 18, 2008

Please also note that the term “rape” and/or “sodomy” isn’t used in
the title of the article, but the by now, more than predictable term
“teen” is. “Teen” is a mitigating term that the Zionist media has
taken to using, even when the accused are legally adults, i.e. over
18. Another mitigating technique the Zionist media uses is to
emphasize the fact that the accused is an athlete as if that fact
mattered – frequently they blow the individuals athletic value out
of proportion as they did yesterday with another story involving
a black football player, an alleged “star” no less, that murdered a
White fellow student over his gold chain. In this case the title of the
article was “High school quarterback facing murder charge,” which
simulataneously covers the fact that he’s a “teen” AND an “athlete.”
The very first sentence of the story reads as follows – ” A star high
school athlete has been arrested and accused of murder.” My question
is, “Who cares if he was a good football player, I don’t?” The fact of the
matter is, he murdered another teen over a gold necklace, making him
a piece of shit that deserves to be removed from society one way or
another. Another story that came out yesterday was that of another
accused “teen” that murdered two Christian missionaries in Texas for
their car. In THIS VIDEO the murdering son of a bitch James Broadnax
is interviewed by a very accomodating black gentleman who coddles
him, refers to him as brother, and clearly “feels for him,” and when
asked what he’d like to say to the family’s of the White men he murdered
answered “fuck em.” Oh yeah, btw, Broadnax clearly states in this interview
that he and his cousin intentionally targetted Whites. [If you look under
this video to the right, in the boxed sidebar you’ll see that Fox News
refers to this muredring savage as a “teen” too.]
In THIS STORY too, which is related to the below, the media once again
predictably announces that the third man involved in this hideous race
crime was a “stand out” foorball player – people, please note that this
meme is very real and predictable.
The below article also fails to mention the very incriminating and disgusting
fact that the White victim was also “developmentally disabled,” which is
generally understood to mean that he is mentally retarded, making this
crime even more hideous than what the below article reveals – “Three
black males attack, torture and rape a mentally retarded White man,” that’s
what the article should be entitled.



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