A “Politically Incorrect” But True Look At How Immigration “Works” !

July 18, 2008

Up to date stats on Illegal aliens-

Ilegal Immigration Numbers Live

Is this the kind of nation you want America to become ? Frosty

Wooldridge Is quite Insightful In regards of this nation ,and

the non existent future for Americans. Welcome to the third

world, via the U.S. government of political whores. –

Can The US Add 100 Million People In 30 Yrs?


Multiculturalism – Destroying American Culture

Illegal Alien Education Impact – US Losing Its Mind

Our Troubled Country – Importing Poverty



Immigrations’s Racial Violence Spreading Across US

Multiculturalism proves a deadly mix of racism, social incongruity, irreconcilable ethnic groups and the fabricated presumption that everybody loves everybody else.
One glance into any cafeteria in the United States for a look at self-segregation illustrates the failure of ‘multiculturalism’. A single glance at the racial violence accelerating in our inner cities demonstrates our expanding quandary. In the most liberal city in America, Boulder, Colorado-rich, SUV-driving parents, sporting bumper stickers that read, “Celebrate Diversity”, whisk their kids to all-white schools and away from growing minority schools drowning in third world migrant children. Boulder City Council supports a sanctuary policy. Their crime rates, school failures, hospital costs and prison costs rose as their illegal migrant population grew. (Source:”White flight” Rocky Mountain News) Schools in Detroit, Michigan suffer 76 percent drop out/flunk out rates with a growing legal Middle Eastern immigrant population. (Source: Brian Williams, NBC Nightly News)

Multiculturalism – One American Woman’s Story

Barack Obaminations  and the Marxist multicults wet dream Is being

forced on Americans-

Americans Are Being Forced To Learn Spanish!



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