America And The Cruel Joke It Has Become

July 13, 2008

Alphabet Soup
By Karl Schwarz

If you saw the last piece I wrote on,

 ‘The Pyrrhic Victory of The Great Decider’, this

 is additional information for you to think over.


I love America and its people. I have grown,

over the years, to have nothing but contempt

and disgust for those in DC who claim they are

our leaders. In a word, they suck.


They are bereft of any leadership qualities

whatsoever, and to say they lack character,

honor, integrity and veracity is being far too

kind. They are morally reprehensible scum

and unfit to lead anything good.


If you take all of the emotions out of it, the

US Federal ‘Government’ has accomplished

exactly nothing of substance or merit since

9-11. What they have accomplished is the

destruction of the US dollar, the American

economy, blown through and stolen trillions

 of dollars for their Elite masters, ruined the

 once shining global good will towards America,

aided and abetted one fraud after another,

shredded the Constitution, undermined freedoms

 and liberties for no cause other than their own

despicable greed and lust to subvert and to

control everyone and everything around them.  


I have serious questions they do not wish

address because the truth puts them on the

 spot and shows them for what they truly

 are, abject traitors to our great nation.


I have simple questions:

1. Why can we win a battle and not win a

single war since World War II? How can the

world’s most powerful military be so inept

at closure?


2. Why is it that America still thumps its chest

 “We are Number One” when – by any measure

 one chooses to look at – we are sliding straight

into the gutter and Second/Third World Status?

(America is littered with morons that think we

 won the Vietnam War. We lost, get over it. We

 have lost Afghanistan and Iraq, too, so get

 over that as well.)


3. Who in Hell is in charge of ‘planning’ in DC?  

They obviously cannot even read a damned

map, add, subtract or tell the simple truth.


4. Who put America’s biggest and most evil

idiots in charge of America?

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