The Diversity Nutjobs Are On The Rampage Again !

July 10, 2008

 More stupidity from the supporters of Diversity –

Clifford Longley, the author and writer, said on the corporation’s

early morning religious slot that a Nigerian theologian had suggested

African culture had always lacked “a developed sense of common

humanity”, which explained “Africa’s propensity to turn to massacre

and genocide”. ( A Nigerian would be a Black African diversity Idiots. )


He said in the broadcast that the Nigerian theologian had suggested to

 him that Africans suffered from the deficit.


His comments, which were made last month, prompted the BBC

Black and Asian Forum to complain to the corporation’s head of

 news and to the editor of the Today programme.


Winston Phillips, the forum’s chairman, said he found the remarks

“offensive”, adding that many listeners believed the remarks

 were “racist”.  (  How Is It “racist” ? A Black Nigerian made

the comment retards. )

As always with the Diversity fraud there Is an ethnic minority angle

behind It-

“The fact that the broadcast went out unchallenged points to a wider

problem in the BBC, and the media generally—the failure to advance

[black and Asian] people to senior positions.


His remarks comes only weeks after a senior BBC executive

attacked the corporation and other broadcasters for failing to

employ black and Asian people in senior roles.


A Shaniqua  does battle against a Mexican cartoon Icon-

For more than 60 years Mexicans have followed the adventures of

“Memin Pinguin.” But the dark-skinned Memin’s exaggerated features

in “Memin for President” came as a shock to Houston, Texas,

 Wal-Mart shopper Shawnedria McGinty.


“I was like, OK, is that a monkey or a boy?” McGinty said.

“To me it was an insult.” (What doesn’t Insult the Black race ?)

She’d never heard of “Memin Pinguin.” She bought a Spanish-English

dictionary and tried translating but still didn’t like what she saw.

“So I asked my boyfriend, does that look like a monkey to you?” she said.

 “And we went back and forth and he was like, no, that’s a black

woman,” referring to the character’s Aunt Jemima-like mother.


So as usual the race that whines the loudest must be appeased ! –

Wal-Mart spokesman Lorenzo Lopez said the retailer has instructed

stores to remove the books from shelves and discontinue sales.


Remember above when I stated what doesn’t offend the Black race ?-

Commissioner Kenneth Mayfield, who is white, said it seemed that

central collections “has become a black hole” because paperwork

reportedly has become lost in the office.


Commissioner John Wiley Price, who is black, interrupted him with a

 loud “Excuse me!” He then corrected his colleague, saying the office

has become a “white hole.”


That prompted Judge Thomas Jones, who is black, to demand an

apology from Mayfield for his racially insensitive analogy.


Mayfield shot back that it was a figure of speech and a science term.

 A black hole, according to Webster’s, is perhaps “the invisible remains

 of a collapsed star, with an intense gravitational field from which

neither light nor matter can escape.”

And now the mentally retarded John Wiley Price has this to say-

Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price is sticking to his comments

that the term “black hole,” which a colleague used, is racist. Price also

 says language such as “angel food cake” and “devil’s food cake”

are also racially insensitive.

And they say Diversity Is a strength ??? No It Is more like a zoo where

 Incompatiable species are free to roam and fight. You cannot mix

races that have never been compatiable, like you cannot mix

animals that have never been compatiable. Only fools try, and fools

always fail. Like Austria-Hungary, like Yugoslavia,like

the Roman empire. No nation of multiple languages and religions and

cultures has stood the test of time. No multicultural society Is ever

free from strife.


We will soon see the inevitable end result of this suicidal social

experiment. All diverse societys throughout history have failed, and

It will be no different In the future.


This Is what will likely be the end result of the

 social engineering experiment. The plague

known as multiculturalism and diversity will

lead to this –


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