Oh Really Barack, Did You Teach Your Kids Pig Latin ?

July 9, 2008

Pic from a website that wishes to remain anonymous. I thank them

for their great pics !

Barack “Americans are dumb, I’m a liberal elitist” Obamination Is

at It again. The Democratic window dressing candidate Is now

demanding that American Children learn Spanish. Not real Spanish

mind you, but the butchered latin american pig latin spanish.

He wants your children to assimilate to his Illegal alien hordes

he will give amnesty to If elected. Speak English or leave

America ! That Is what I say, when In Rome you do as the

Romans and not the other way around. Obamination Is

another diversity freak politician who Is out of touch

with real Americans. View his stupid little speech

on Spanish. It Is hard to believe how anyone can be

mesmerized by him, He Isn’t a very good speaker

at all. Count the ughs and ums, not very good communication


Besides who the Hell Is Obamination to talk ??!! He whines

about Americans only knowing English when vacationing In

Europe. But says nothing of these Illegals who come here to

live permantly. Only knowing Spanish with no Intention of

speaking English ! Obamination Is an elitist piece of hypocritical

trash. Yeah Obamination Illegals really are going to learn

English, when everything Is press one for Espanol and two

for English. What planet do you live on ?

The Obamination In action-



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