Sure To Get The PC Pantie Asses Shreiking Intolerance

July 2, 2008

A look at the joy Jewish political correctness, weak guilty

White liberals and Niggers have produced since the 1960’s-












 The Image below happens everyday In any major American city.

Click the link-

Fuck the shrieks of “racism”, this Horseshit has been tolerated

for way too long !

And  now a look at Shaniqua the so-called nubian queen ! Yeah right, just how

delusional Is this race of Imbeciles ! Wanna Shit on White women ? well

heres one for you ! –

Shaniqua does her part to make sure your tax dollars continue to

fund welfare. All the while calling you a Fucking “cracka” !

If the multicult Is offended Fuck em’, I am Sick of seeing television,

music and other websites disparage Whites. Fuck you and your mentally

retarded Shitskin race you cater too. If you’re offended Fuck off, I do

not care to be particuarily eloquent with this posting. I am sick and tired

of My race being defamed by Niggers and their Kike enablers. And cannot

wait for the coming racial conflict In America. Then this Shit will finally

be settled once and for all. Especially when this Government of Jew ass

kissing pussies cannot protected their cute little third world Shitskins

anymore. They’ll be too busy  playing army In Iran for Israel

( and overextended to

the limit, whilst our nations economy and social order (maintained at

gunpoint for now by the Bolshevik opressors) falls apart.


More classic cartoons-




A Nigger with his Kike enabler. Abe sure does like to promote

the Nigger buck to mythical status In the Jewish media. Too bad

peons don’t realize,  The claim of “Diversity being a strength” Is just

like their belief television shows reflect reality, It Is only possible In the

 land of make believe.



Oh what an accomplishment ! You are going to jail. And with such

pride too ! Fucking Imbeciles, I’m sure “yous jus gonna blame duh

White man fo yo oppressun”.

“Dis be like prom an’ Shiat”

” Iz be so proud ah myself, I gots some

street cred now”

What these simpletons did to get arrested-

Q. “Yo whazz up MuthaFucka ? Dis post be so racisst an Shiat,

muh Dick”

A. Go Fuck yourself, what goes around comes around. Maybe when

you Fucks learn to shut your big lips about us. Maybe then we

may not hate your sorry Asses so much. Especially If you worked

and didn’t leech the social programs, didn’t commit the majority

of crime In America, And most of all stopped whining racism at

every turn. “Racism” In which you create for your own Fucking

race through your continuous actions. But we all know that will

never happen.

 But I’ll make It up to you.

I’ll celebrate Diversity ! Lol, enjoy-

 Of course I did mean diversity In It’s reality

not the fiction leftists spew.


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