Roger Croteau, San Antonio Express-News, July 15, 2008

Mary Alice Altorfer is hosting a visit from her two grandchildren, whose father

is African American. The children swam at the River Tree subdivision pool every

day for about a week before someone posted a flier on the pool gate bearing a

picture of a black man with a large afro haircut, his arms folded across his chest

and the words “POOL’S CLOSED” superimposed.

“I didn’t even get the implication at first—then it hit me like a club,” Altorfer

said. “I was furious. These are two little kids, and it just makes me angry. I

was shocked and angry and hurt.” ( It really dosn’t take much to offend

you diversity cult freaks. It Is from a NON-RACIST internet joke. You

types find racism EVERYWHERE ! Slow down ,think and breath for once !)

Altorfer said only one black couple lives in the subdivision of 172 homes, which

average about $200,000 in value, and they never use the pool. She added that the

only African Americans who have used the pool in recent weeks are her 6-year-old

granddaughter Isabel Martinez and 9-year-old grandson Nicholas Martinez. ( If

the area Is supposedly so racist, why did you move there ? Shut your face

and relax. The only”Klansmen” residing there are the ones who reside In

your Imagination.)

Now the “Fonz” has gotten Involved In the Zionist Holocau$t hu$tle !

Henry Winkler Told This Story On Public TV

Henry tells of how his parents fled the holocaust in 1939. His father took

the family fortune and converted it to diamonds. His poppa knew that the

Nazis often did ‘Cavity Searches’ on Jews, so his poppa decided to smuggled

the diamonds out in a box of chocolates. Jakob Winkler melted chocolate

into a candy mold, then inserted the diamonds.

My father was a dentist in 1939 Germany, and Nazis were wise to the chocolate

candy trick, so he decided to use my sister, little Gilda. My poppa drilled hollow

spots in my sisters teeth, and then inserted the family diamonds in the

cavities ( Bullshit ! And If this were true what kind of sicko would do this

to his own daughter ? Torture her and ruin her teeth for the purpose of

wealth. That Is Fucking demented and sick). As we were boarding a cattle

train to Bucharest, then a greyhound bus to England (How could you take

a bus from Romania to England ? Especially when you would have to cross

the English channel ? there was no tunnel connecting England to continental

Europe then. And besides greyhound buses were never In Europe ! And to

top It off Fonzie, this supposedly happened In 1939. You were not born

until October 30, 1945 ! Yet you state As we were boarding a cattle train

to Bucharest, then a greyhound bus to England” !!?? This was a whole six

years before you were born, yet somehow you were there ????) my sister’s

baby tooth fell out in front of a Nazi at the passport

counter.The German beast called over his frauline assistant with a pair of rusty

pliers ( I’m truly sure Germans all kept a pair on hand for pulling Jewish

teeth out.  I guess you never know when a situation like this will

occur). They held ‘Little Gilda’ down and ripped all her teeth out. A SS Colonel

walked in and shot my poppa, momma, and my seven cousins. Gilda was taken

to Mengele where her jaw was sewn shut, blue dye injected in her eyes, and then

she was gassed.

Yes Fonzie ! You are another Zionist fraud !

The biography of the “Fonz” curiously doesn’t bring up any of this

on  Ziopedia a.k.a Wikipedia-

Although after seeing this posting, somebody will

likely edit his biography on Wikipedia. So It will

look as though It was never missing.  Ziopedia

sucks ! The Encyclopaedia that anyone with an

agenda can edit.

Baracks mummy Stanley had quite a resentment towards White america. A resentment

that her little Obamination now carries on !

An Interesting Look At Some Of Obama’s Psychosises

Obama was a result of a white woman sired by a married African

father. The father abandons him, the mother takes him to Indonesia

where he attends Muslims schools, and other children regard him as

an oddity. His mother desires an oriental, and sends him to Hawaii

where the grandparents raise him.

Obama’s Mother

Almost 48 years ago, a young girl transplanted from

Kansas decided in her comfortable life that she would take

revenge on her white, American, Christian soldier father

for the humiliation she endured in being named a boy.

Obama’s Mother’s Childhood

She remembered the playground days of yearly the teacher

would announce, Stanley Dunham in the first day of school’s

roll call and how she would have to explain she was not a

boy. Then would come the long questions on the public

classroom stage and the taunting from children later “Stanley,

panly the girl is manly”.

She remembered her driver’s test, the birth certificate all glaring

at her the name Stanley Ann Dunham, the boy her father never

had and the name she was humiliated by.

Her Teenage Years Were No Easier

There is not a person reading this who did not suffer through

the same thing.

Normal children though frown over it. Normal teenagers shrug

over it and normal adults just laugh over such things, but Stanley

Ann Dunham was not normal and nor did she raise a normal son.

Ms. Dunham though chose the most childish of measures not quite

figuring out she would be punishing herself as much as her family,

but when teenage girls search for love and revenge the psychological

choice is sex with a naughty boy and a bouncing baby so they will

not be alone in the misery of the world.

“Poppa, Guess Who Is Coming Dinner”

Stanley had her package of racism to betray her white parents as

she had been betrayed, traitor to offset her father’s patriotism and

the most wonderful of guess who is coming home to dinner.

This Was No Sidney Portier

Stanley could not have found a better choice for her target of

revenge and must have almost got the vapors. Here she had

Barack Hussein Obama, a man so black from Africa and so

communist that if could hide in the dark if he didn’t smile,

except for that big red communist flag he had on wearing a

white Muslim turban heritage.

Did The Senior Obama Actually Marry The Mother?

Stanley Ann Dunham had her revenge and had it in spades.

As with most revenge plans which are served up in passionated

hotness, Stanley had a bit of a surprise as her husband was already

married and then he dumped her.

A shotgun marriage did not appeal to Barack sr. as no one is mentioning

arithmetic in this that Barack was born on August 4th, 1961, his lusty

parents were married on February 2, 1961 as Stanley apparently was

starting to show from the fornicating November 2, 1960

When Was Obama Actually Born?

Yes Barack Obama was a miracle baby otherwise in being full term

at 7 months.

Stanley was born on November 29, 1942, common math would show

that Stanley Ann Dunham was 17, and although Hawaii is a pedophile’s

dream in the age of consent is logged at 14 years old in 1961, it remains

a fact that a 24 year old college male was sexing a 17 year old high

school girl.

Was He A Canadian Birth?

So, Stanley was sitting alone again in her pregnant misery,

but decided she could gain some extra mileage by going to

Canada and having her son registered as a British subject in

one final slap at baseball, hotdogs, apple pie and Chevrolet.

This Is What Israel Wants

This conclusion is based upon Barack jr. having put

forward a forged birth certificate out of Hawaii, he being

registered not as “born” but a live birth which appeared

at two hospitals and the circumstances which point that

Stanley Ann Duhman Soetoro did the same thing when

she repeated her performance and married an

Indonesian Muslim in exercising her demons, as

Maya, Barack’s half sister is listed as being born in

the months of August and September.

Registering babies late when born in other countries

seems a Stanley trait.

The Pain Of Mixed Marriages

The years then rolled by and revenge becomes very

stale and cold as you daily look at a black boy who reminds you not just of his black father getting the

better part of sex and dumping you, but that this

boy is a reminder of how moronic you are.

A woman just can not dive into primitive cultures

and get enough degrees to shed that fact.

Obama Becomes A Muslim

So excuses are made after indoctrinating him in

Islam, and, as the final revenge as her parents demanded

that Barry be illegally registered as an American, Stanley

dumped this little boy onto her white parents to punish

them as a reminder which would cut them daily into how

she failed them.
Her id would say, “You wanted a son so bad daddy, well

have a black one in your Christian virtue that you can’t

turn out as you love him like family. Enjoy.”

……….and Stanley Ann Dunham had her revenge.

Uncle Frank The “Commie”

The story though continued as little boys still

love their mothers and as they try to figure out

why mommy abandoned them they find an Uncle

Frank Marshall Davis who is a communist kook

who hates white people, Christians and America

to try and tailor himself into that dark skinned

man mommy always marries.

Yes, Oedipus Rex was alive and well in the

troubled messiah to be Barry Obama.

Barry though would leave the Barry behind as

he plunged into understanding how to deal

with “white folk” grandparents and that

colleges and white girls just liked the exotic

nature of the Barack Hussein Obama aura


Not Really Accepted In A White World

Yes, Oedipus Rex was alive and well in the

troubled messiah to be Barry Obama.

Barry though would leave the Barry behind as

he plunged into understanding how to deal

with “white folk” grandparents and that colleges

and white girls just liked the exotic nature of

the Barack Hussein Obama aura fiction.

Barack being still psychologically scarred would

tire of white girls, find a black image of his

mother’s hatred in his wife Michelle, find black

clergy who would espouse hatred for America

and surround himself with terrorists of American

and Middle Eastern sort.

Still though the emptiness would not end.






It doesn’t matter what government the
country has. The power is held by those
who own and control medias.”
By: Ahmed Rami

  • Jewish Power in The American Medias


    List of Jews who control the US media.


    Jewish media-power in Great Britain




    The author of this article with his token Black freind. Having a

    Black freind makes him feel whole and makes him feel like he

    has bragging rights.  He now feels very authentic for Immersing

    himself In a culture and a race In which he will never belong.


    Michael Tunison, The Root, July 22, 2008

    As a white person with a number of lifelong friends who are black, I can say

     I don’t feel that awkwardness in my personal relationships with them, but

     I know that these relationships retain an oddly-charged, often convoluted

    quality among some whites.


    Granted, it’s not rare for white people of my generation to have friends who are

    minorities. In fact, those who don’t associate with people outside their race have

     long been the exception in most areas of the country ( And did you do a study

    on this backed with statistics ? Or just pulling It out of your Arse as all

    of you diversity advocates tend to do). But that doesn’t mean that

     mixed-race friendships are any less sensitive of an issue today. Now, instead of

     having mixed-race relationships that cause controversy, it’s the absence of such

    relationships that draws the raised eyebrows.( So you have to go and get a

    minority significant other now ! So to only date your own race Is racist

     now ? So much for freedom of choice and association. This Is more

    Bullshit and mind control from the multicult. They try to make you feel

     like you’re defective If you do not adhere to their dogmas and

    agendas.)  White people now feel pressure to overtly demonstrate their lack

    of racism to each other and to minorities by making

     a big deal of their minority friends or by embracing cultural symbols and behaviors

     associated with other races. (  This Is because of the Diversity cults mind

    reprogramming. And  the constant defamation of Whites as evil

    racists. So the weak minded will find any minoritie to grovel to. By

    doing this they hope to prove they are enlightened. I think It Is asinine

    and fake.  For guilty Whites to go and pander to someone due to the

    color of their skin. And the real demented twist Is that If you are

    White and treated your own race this way = Shrieks

    of racism. But If you are White and practice reverse racism to

    your own= Enlightened. Diversity practicioners are weirdos

    that way.)

    Today, being called a racist ( Not me, I could careless. Why ? Because

    being White makes you automatically racist to the multicult. So why

    should I give a Fuck ?) is the most contemptible label for a white person.

    This is certainly preferable to a time when racism was tolerated or even

    encouraged( Duh ! It still is encouraged and tolerated by the Jew media

    and their legions of mindless multicult freaks. See television and

    media ,  how Whites and Arabs are portrayed ? It’s okay to be racist to

    these two groups, yet a big no no to portray Blacks In particular or any

    other “protected” group In a negative light.). But one of the sad

    upshots is that it has also fostered a sense of paranoia that stems from the

    inability or unwillingness to distinguish between actual hate-fueled racism

    and ignorance (Due to the whole diversity freak political correctness

    movement !)

    Association with minorities has become a mark of authenticity for many whites( And

     how exactly are we not an authentic people ? And how Is It authentic to

    have a token minority freind , for the sake of status ? You weak minded

    Whites make me sick. You are so self hating and fake.), an indicator to

    themselves and others that they are not racist( It Is Fucking Ignorant ! “Hey

    look at me I have a token Black freind, So now my status Is elevated !”

    Using people to be “Hip” Is disgusting. And using a race of people Is even

     lower). The familiarity with minority cultures becomes worthy of bragging rights

     ( What an Ignorant Fuck ! ” I want to brag that I know more minorities than

    my yuppie freinds !”). Among young people, knowledge of some obscure slang or

    cultural wrinkle is held up as evidence that the person is accepted by that authentic

    minority culture.( You are vain and fake. Copying another race makes you

    look like the superficial self hating clown you truly are ! You are far

    from authentic.)

    More Diversity Idiocracy –

    Like the new “religion” of the western world Diversity.

    Show any defiance to the cult of Diversity, and face the inquisitor. Any

    questioning of the dogmas of the new “religion” gets you branded a

    heretic by the thought police. For a cult that preaches tolerance , they

    are quite the contrary when questioned. But brand as they may, you are

    not a heretic for opposing their make believe “religion”. You are not

    a heretic for opposing a cult that seeks to silence free thought. And

    you are not a heretic for acknowledging reality. So never repent !

    Is this the tolerance that our

    thought-police take pride in?


    By Kevin Myers

    Wednesday July 23 2008

    ON THE one hand, I expected some uproar in Ireland over my piece about

     Ethiopia on July 10. But there really wasn’t any. On the other, I didn’t expect

    an attempt to jail me by a state-sponsored body. Yet Denise Charlton, of the

     Immigrant Council of Ireland, has urged An Garda Siochana to investigate

    me under a special law, by which I could be tried and imprisoned for two

     years without even the benefit of a jury.


    Oh, Denise, Denise, you silly, silly little girl: have you nothing better to do

     with  your time and talents than to try to get someone jailed for saying

    something you dislike? So there we are. The apparatchiks of the equality

    industry merely have to contemplate the sector of their psyche wherein their

     self-righteous emotions reside: and if these are sufficiently overwrought, they

     decide that a hate-crime has been committed.


    Actually, I hate no-one. Personal, political and racial hatreds are the most

    corrosive and ruinous of all passions. Why, I don’t even hate Robert Mugabe,

    or his chum, the former Ethiopian dictator, the lovely Mengistu, who is hiding

    out in Zimbabwe, or the Emperor Bokassa, or Idi Amin, and any of those fine

    fellows who have brought such lustre to the name of Africa.


    And so, not hating, I certainly don’t want anyone to hate anyone else either.

     However, I know and feel and applaud measured hostility, the guardian of

    our civilisation, and the father of our laws. Measured hostility is what puts

    the gunman behind bars: it drives the mugger from the street and the burglar

    from our homes.


    It also protects freedom of speech from those who would steal it from us —

     most particularly in Ireland of today, the quango thought-police of doctrinaire

     liberalism, and single-issue vigilantes in the media.

    Full article-

    What the diversity cult really thinks of the White race =Obsolete, Uniform and Boring.

    This Is the real message of the picture above.Can you Imagine any other race being

    portrayed as such ? You will not see this from the Multicult. Only Whites are to be

    defamed by them.

    Gen Y and the Colorblind Lie

    For millennials, race is more complicated than ever.

    Now for the contradictions, when doesn’t their bogus religion of

    Multicultism contradict ?

    Let’s get one thing straight: Race is a socially created concept, and

    since its inception it has been a socially fed nuisance

    The writer denies race as a biological reality , then has

     this to say –

    Millennials like myself are often steeped just as deep in the troubles of

    race as generations before us.

    We Gen Y’ers, born between 1978-1997, handle race with our own brand

    of complexity.

    What may be fueling this concept of the raceless Millennials is the extent

    to which we’re intermixing. There are more interracial couples, more biracial

    children and an expansion of the definitions of ethnicity, but all of that has

    done little to help us understand each other better.

    How can you have Intermixing and biracial children ? I thought you

    stated race was just a social construct. Are you now admitting race

    Is a very real biological factor ?

    Knowing every line of a Lil’ Wayne song does not mean you know the black

    experience. The black experience cannot be defined one-dimensionally,

    especially not in the lyrics of a single track. Neither can the Latino experience,

    or the Asian experience or the white experience. Yet, somehow my peers and

     I feel more comfortable skimming the surface rather than sitting down for an

    honest discussion about race.

    I thought you people always preach “we are all one race, the human

    race”. Now you are suggesting there are very real barriers seperating

    us racially and culturally. Guess race Is not a social construct as you

     say, but a very real and Important factor. Does your statement above

    not confess to the religion of multicultism being a monumental

    failure. We are more diverse and more divided than ever !

    Yes, white kids listen to hip-hop and black boys rock Polo shirts, but race has not

    yet reached the point of being a non-issue.

    I thought you said race Isn’t real, and that It Is just a social

    construct ??? Now you are making It an Issue .Can you diversity

    freaks ever have a position that Isn’t contradictory ???

    If you want to read the full mind numbing rant of another

    deranged diversity cult member. Click below –

    McCain & The Keating Five

    An Infant victim of depleted uranium. More below –

    A dead Iraqi citizen,  what the Zionists consider nothing but collateral damage ! –

    Now the Jewish occupied American Empire has It’s greedy and genocidal eyes on Iran !

    MSM News Americans Will Not See About Iran

    US Gives Iran ‘Two Weeks’

    US To Iran – ‘You Have Two Weeks’

    Please also note that the term “rape” and/or “sodomy” isn’t used in
    the title of the article, but the by now, more than predictable term
    “teen” is. “Teen” is a mitigating term that the Zionist media has
    taken to using, even when the accused are legally adults, i.e. over
    18. Another mitigating technique the Zionist media uses is to
    emphasize the fact that the accused is an athlete as if that fact
    mattered – frequently they blow the individuals athletic value out
    of proportion as they did yesterday with another story involving
    a black football player, an alleged “star” no less, that murdered a
    White fellow student over his gold chain. In this case the title of the
    article was “High school quarterback facing murder charge,” which
    simulataneously covers the fact that he’s a “teen” AND an “athlete.”
    The very first sentence of the story reads as follows – ” A star high
    school athlete has been arrested and accused of murder.” My question
    is, “Who cares if he was a good football player, I don’t?” The fact of the
    matter is, he murdered another teen over a gold necklace, making him
    a piece of shit that deserves to be removed from society one way or
    another. Another story that came out yesterday was that of another
    accused “teen” that murdered two Christian missionaries in Texas for
    their car. In THIS VIDEO the murdering son of a bitch James Broadnax
    is interviewed by a very accomodating black gentleman who coddles
    him, refers to him as brother, and clearly “feels for him,” and when
    asked what he’d like to say to the family’s of the White men he murdered
    answered “fuck em.” Oh yeah, btw, Broadnax clearly states in this interview
    that he and his cousin intentionally targetted Whites. [If you look under
    this video to the right, in the boxed sidebar you’ll see that Fox News
    refers to this muredring savage as a “teen” too.]
    In THIS STORY too, which is related to the below, the media once again
    predictably announces that the third man involved in this hideous race
    crime was a “stand out” foorball player – people, please note that this
    meme is very real and predictable.
    The below article also fails to mention the very incriminating and disgusting
    fact that the White victim was also “developmentally disabled,” which is
    generally understood to mean that he is mentally retarded, making this
    crime even more hideous than what the below article reveals – “Three
    black males attack, torture and rape a mentally retarded White man,” that’s
    what the article should be entitled.