The Reality Of “Dieversity” Is Ethnic Warfare

June 22, 2008

This Is how the Marxist Multicult demands the White race think.

They just don’t openly say It like the picture above.

Let’s look at the reality of Dieversity, It’s reality Is

far different than the Marxist propaganda.

Fatuma Hassan has just enough rice in her near-empty cupboards to make

it through the month. The anger she felt when she lost her job in May has

given way to a dull, nagging hunger.

Yet this soft-spoken 22-year-old became an unlikely hero within the Somali

community when she and five of her Muslim co-workers were dismissed last

month from the Mission Foods tortilla factory in New Brighton for refusing to

wear a new company uniform—a shirt and pants—they consider a violation of

their Islamic beliefs.

“For me, wearing pants is the same as being naked,” Hassan said, noting the

prophet Mohammed taught that men and women should not dress alike. “My

culture, my religious beliefs, are more important than a uniform.”

Boo hoo, she lost her job by violating company policy. The company was not

forcing her to to do anything. She was definitely aware of the workplaces

policies before accepting employment. This Is more of the third world

Immigrants war on America, And their demand that America change for

them. I’m sure some Leftist lawyer out there Is salivating for a lawsuit.

An English woman Is treated like a third class citizen by her own

government. They sided with a piece of third world trash over

her. A piece of trash who realized minorities get their asses licked

by western Marxist governments. So she sued whining discrimination

and won a big pay day.

For a year, Sarah has been facing financial ruin, due to a compensation claim

for £34,000 brought by Bushra, 19, who has maintained she is due that figure

after being turned down for a job at the Wedge salon in London’s King’s Cross.

In the event, the tribunal ruled this week that while Bushra’s claim of direct

discrimination failed, her claim for indirect discrimination had succeeded.

Sarah has therefore been ordered to pay £4,000 compensation by way of

‘injury to feelings’. Although this is a smaller sum than she’d feared she

might have to hand over, Sarah, 32, is still outraged.

‘I am a small business and the bottom line is that this is not a woman who

worked for me,’ says Sarah.

When In Rome, do as the Romans do !

Is what England needed to tell this con artist

piece of trash. Instead they gave her a big

pay day !

The ” benefits” of DIEversity for native English boys. They are being displaced, and

I’m sure the Marxists are wanking to this news.

White teenagers are less likely to go to university than school-leavers from

other ethnic groups—even with the same A-level results, according to official


The gap is widest among male teenagers from poor backgrounds, raising fresh

fears that working class boys are becoming the education “underclass” in


According to a Government report, just over one-in-20 white boys from poor

homes goes on to university.

How Illegal Immigration truly “benefits” America !

Metro Detroit teens might find plenty of opportunities to volunteer this summer,

but landing a paid job will not be as easy. And many area employers say teens

who have not applied for jobs yet have even slimmer hopes of gainful employment.

The competition for jobs comes not only from adult workers who have lost jobs,

but also from those 55 to 70 who are punching checkout registers and bagging

groceries to supplement their retirement. And in some states, immigrant workers

also are filling jobs traditionally held by teens.

Illegal Aliens are displacing Americans from employment. But the Marxist

trash shout that It’s “racist” to state that obvious fact. Well when we are

all unemployed and hungry. We will kill the Fucking Marxists and rob them of

everything first. Such justice Is long overdue for handing away our nation

and future to outsiders on a golden platter.

“Nothing Is more dangerous then a man with nothing left to lose”

A Chinese colony Is taking shape In California.

In fact, much of the eastern San Gabriel Valley has more in common with

Taipei, Beijing or Shanghai than it does with neighboring Los Angeles. Here,

Asian-immigrant entrepreneurs have transformed *once-sleepy suburbia

( Basically denigrating Americans, and the Whites who generally occupy suburbs)

into a Chinatown like no other.

Close to 40% of the businesses in Industry are ethnic Chinese-owned.

Up the hill from Life Plaza, at Blandford Elementary School, close to 60%

of the students are Asian.

Parent volunteer Rosy Chong said she overheard a newly arrived Korean

parent’s daughter ask her mother, “When are we going to America?”

“She thought Rowland Heights was a stopover” in Asia, Chong said.,0,5800685.story

All this this because the deviant White Marxist western governments have

turned on their own people. Native Whites are third class citizens who the

elites can’t wait for to die out. The White Marxist grovels at the feet of the

non-White and elevates them to noble savage and oppressed victim

status. they protect them and condemn Whites at any turn. Is It

any wonder there will be a race war In the Wests future. All thanks to

DIEversity and It’s mental midget worshipers. How long do you

think you can denigrate Whites at every turn before there Is an

uprising ? Especially when all denigrated peoples have risen

up throughout history. Wait for the economy to tank, and for

food and gas to go through the roof. It will be quite Interesting

then to see how DIEversity Is a “Strength”.


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