America Is Collapsing And Americans Still Fall For The Lies !

June 22, 2008

Think these lapdogs of the Jewish lobby represent you ?

Think they will change anything ?

They will not ! Because they don’t answer to the

American people. These losers are only the puppets of

those truly running America.

ZIONISTS and the NWO !

How Can Americans Sleep

Through So Many

Wake-Up Calls?

By Karl Schwarz


WAKE UP, America.
Do you remember the 2006 elections? Do you remember
the DNC promises to END the war in Iraq?
America took the House and Senate away from the
Republicans, gave it to the Democrats, and nothing
was done to even pretend to stop the war. Zero.
We have the most impeachable president and administration
in the history of the United States, literal war criminals, and
both sides of the aisle abjectly, irrefutably refuse to repair
America’s destroyed image throughout the world.
America is dying of cancer and these Congressional lap
dog cretins refuse to perform the operation (impeachment)
that would begin to restore some of the damage Bush has
done to America and the rest of the world. That is why the
approval rating for Congress is right there in the sewer with
Bush – they are just as despicable.

Bush has stated repeatedly that the ‘Axis of Evil’ is Iraq, Iran

and North Korea. Remember that? I submit the true axis of

evil is the US, UK and Israel. I submit that any nation that

makes war and kills over one MILLION people based on a lie

is evil. It is not ‘war’, it’s called Genocide…and it is NOT

‘defending’ America.

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