Let’s Stop With The Opposition To Illegals = Racism Nonsense

May 27, 2008

It’s not only Illegal aliens from Mexico that are destroying America. Miami

once a jewel of the American southeast Is now a third world hellhole. Thanks

to the Cuban, Haitian and third world refugees.

Is this the future you want ?

Do you want your kids living In this ?

“Many of the Hispanics we knew did not want to learn English. Those who

could speak English would often converse only in Spanish in front of

Americans, or insist that Americans speak Spanish. Signs went up in the

windows of businesses: “Habla Espanol”. When Hispanic businesses

opened, Hispanics would only patronize other Hispanics, and many

American small businessmen had to close their doors. By the time we

left Miami in 1980, one would not be hired for a job unless bilingual,

resulting in one of two outcomes: if you were an American, you had to

learn a foreign language to work in your hometown, or alternatively,

the Spanish-speaking Hispanics got the jobs.”

So much for being a citizen. You were born here and you have to

assimilate ! Or you are denied employment.

“Many Cubans told us how their families owned plantations in

Cuba, with great wealth and social position, which they left behind

when they came to America. Conversely, some historians have

painted a picture of Cuban refugees as being from a middle class

lifestyle, but this, if true, only serves to highlight the differences

between Cuban and American middle classes.”

If true they are bunch of Cuban elitists who are pissed Castro threw

them out. So now they believe they can rule over Americans. They

want Cuba and have recreated It In Miami. But more likely they are the

rejects of Cuba. The ones Castro purposely released from prisons

and mental hospitals, and the dissidents, he released to purposely

flood America with.

“Hispanics in general wanted to keep their own customs, their own

holidays, their own culture and language, not in addition to American

ways, but rather in place of American ways. Neighborhoods grew

shoddy, multiple families dwelt in single family zoned homes, whole

sections of Miami became Spanish only, the most familiar being

Little Havana. The crime skyrocketed.”

They share this In common with Mexican Illegal. Wherever they move

turns Into the third world overnight.

“I know I speak for many Miamians when I say that our government took

one of the most beautiful places in the United States, and gave it to Hispanic

immigrants, many of whom wanted to live in America but be Hispanics, not

Americans. We were American citizens, and our politicians forfeited us,

disenfranchised us, and betrayed us for money and a political agenda.”

exploit one group and sellout the other. Deja’vous all over again!”

Exactly ! Somebody Is paying attention. Thank the 1965 Hart-Cellar

Immigration act. If you are non-White and a third worlder, you are

guaranteed entry to the good old USA.

“If you have not lived through an immigrant invasion, you cannot imagine

what it is like. The current illegal alien problem, with it’s multiplied millions

of Mexicans will be just what happened to Miami all over again, but this time

it will be played out in cities and villages all across America, and to the

hundredth power. Your town’s crime rate will soar, joblessness will increase,

small businesses will close, and dropout rates rise. You will not recognize

your town, your culture, or your life if you allow the illegal immigrants to stay.”

Too late ! Thanks to the Zionist Jew and their cute little Immigration

act of 1965. America will experience a Yugoslavian style ethnic war

and a breakup of America.

“This issue is not about Hispanics or Mexicans, or brown people or white or

black. It is not a judgment about whose culture is more desirable, every

culture has intrinsic worth because every person in it was created in the

image of God. Americans who are concerned about the consequences of

this issue are not racists, nor isolationists, nor ungenerous nor unkind. They

simply have a vested interest in doing what is best for America. This issue is

about our home and about a group of people who have come to our home

uninvited and illegally, and how that will change our home, both immediately

and into the future. It is equally about treacherous politicians who would

Don’t be politically correct and apologetic. Every race and every nation has

a right and a duty to repel Invaders. Who cares If you’re branded racist ? If

you’re White, you’re automatically racist to the PC pukes anyway.


The whole Illegal Alien movement needs to

stop with the worn out . “Only the racist White

nativist oppose Illegal Aliens “crap. Quit claiming

only White KKK members are against National

and cultural suicide.

As well as the “only neo-Nazi’s and xenophobes” oppose

Illegals crap. People who give a Damn about

their nation oppose Illegal Invaders.

I would like to see the politically

correct explain this –

South Africa has unleashed violence against foreigners. This violence is well

planned by black political leaders. 42 immigrants from Zimbabwe and other

African countries are dead. Houses, shops and other places of dwelling for

refugees have been looted or burned down. Estimated 30 000 Mozambique’s

are leaving South Africa. Their government has confirmed that it will be

assisting them to leave this criminal, South African society.

Black South Africans are fighting to expel Illegal Aliens from Zimbabwe. How

can racism be whined here ? Black South Africans have had It with Illegals

too ! See PC lobby, your “only White racists oppose Illegals” claim Is

garbage. When your country and your culture Is Invaded, only an

Imbecile would sit passively and allow It.



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