More Racial Hostility From The Usual Suspects

May 26, 2008

Last fall, 12-year-old Shaun Hines started wearing a Confederate flag T-shirt to

classes at the diverse (Diverse = hostility to Whites) Markham Intermediate

School in Graniteville.

Diversity In Action ! –

White children make up a little less than a third of the student body, while

Hispanic or Latino students make up slightly more than a third.

Sounds like quite a charming school-

As usual where Whites and Jews (No difference to Blacks)

are In a minority-majority setting. Racial hostility Is a

guarantee, If you doubt It walk the streets of your local

ghetto or barrio sometime . Too bad Jews do not seem to

realize this, and continue to Incite anti-White hatreds. Young

Shaun Is experiencing some of this hatred !

Hines Is deeply troubled and amazed by all of this –

Hines says he wears the shirt because he’s a Civil War history buff, not

because he’s trying to send a message of racism or rebellion to his


“I just wear it because it’s my favorite era in the war, and I always go

to Gettysburg, and I love it”

As usual where there Is diversity,there Is always an

anti-White environment. 12 year old Shaun Hines Is

being harassed for wearing a symbol of White southern

heritage. Shaun minds his own business and makes no

racist comments. But he Is guilty to the multicult hordes

of racism anyway. For daring to wear a symbol associated

with White culture !

Does this look like a young “Klansman” to you ?

Hines says the people who call him KKK know nothing about him—he’s Jewish, he explains, and the hate group is anti-Semitic as well.

What Shaun doesn’t realize Is that Blacks do not care !

He Is racist If his skin Is lacking pigment. That’s the way

the majority of them see the world. Yeah he may be

Jewish, but they careless, therefore he Is considered racist.

Blacks students are shrieking racism (What

Isn’t today ?). They continue to demonstrate

hostility to young Shaun Hines.

Some of them started calling out “KKK” whenever he passed, and at the end of March, he found the letters written in three separate sets of handwriting on one of his folders when he wasn’t looking.

The “KKK” nickname stuck, much to Hines and his parents’ chagrin—students now yell out the letters behind his back as he passes by, sometimes as often as three times a day.

Although he can’t identify the individual students who call him “KKK,” Hines says the comment most often comes from groups of his black classmates. (What’s new ?)

White Racial guilt trip In 3..2..1-

Ed Josey, who heads the local chapter of the NAACP, says that even if Hines has no bad motives when he dons the T-shirt, he should pay serious heed to what the flag symbolizes for so many people.

“The Confederate flag represents a very sad part of American history,” Josey said. “Consider the effects on other people. It might not be against the law, but consider the effect. . . . If the boy is being harassed because of the symbol of the T-shirt, maybe the wise thing may be, don’t wear the thing to school.”

Yeah and It Is also a symbol of Pride for White

southerners. Why should they be forced to abandon

their heritage for you Josey ? Why should Shaun Hines

or anyone else stop displaying the Confederate

flag . Don’t you types always scream for diversity !

Ed Josey can shove It, He’s another “White culture hurts

feelings” Marxist whiner.

This race hustler clown may make an

appearance any day now.



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