Are These Morons The Best Corporate America Can Muster

May 25, 2008

With prepackaged peons like this running for President, Is It

any wonder America goes to Shit ? Look forward to more wars

for Israel, even more wide open borders, and more decimation

of the middle class.

What an election ! What wonderful handpicked candidates !

But as long a they support the AIPAC Zionist lobby. That’s

all that matters to the media and corporate America.

War for Israel Is great for the Jewish supremacist lobby !

War Is great for the corporate military Industrial complex !

They could careless that the American people lose In

all this.

The Candidates In Action

Barack Obama showing his erection to the press-


Is Obama a drug addict ? This link points out some of

his most eccentric moments-

John McCain has no Idea what he stands for, he

Is lost In space to say the least –

I will not even bring up any links dealing with

Hillary. She Is a real life Wonder Woman, she

has done everything (In her mind) from

storming the beaches of Normandy to bringing

peace to Northern Ireland. She Is a pathological


Whoever they choose for the American people will = four more years of

more Bullshit ! There will be more erosion of our rights, more Illegal

alien labor for corporate America, more exportation of jobs, and

most of all war, war and more war for Israel ! Nukes for Iran ? Will

they Invade Syria too ? The only ones who are excited anyway

are the AIPAC lobby and corporate America.


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